Our Science
Methods of Testing

Purity-IQ uses qPCR testing for probiotic identification. qPCR is a strong DNA based analytical tool that can detect individual strains in multiple component probiotic blends.

For identification, our methods enable us to do strain-specific identification versus other methodologies that only do species level identification.

Probiotic health benefits are strain specific, thus reliable identification methods are an important component in probiotic authentication and quality assessment.

Consistency is assessed using Purity-IQ Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) technology.

NMR can provide the following information about a product sample:

  • A comprehensive picture of the metabolomic profile of a product

  • Detailed information about the chemical composition of a product

  • The quantification of compounds present in a sample

  • The presence of contaminants or adulterants
Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy