From the makers of RestoraLAX-logo-EN comes
A delicious, daily prebiotic fibre
supplement to help promote regularity
and support a healthy digestive system.

See what makes RestoraFIBRE
So Fibre Good.

RestoraFIBRE Icon Digestion
Helps to support a
healthy digestive system
RestoraFIBRE Icon Sugar
Less than 1 gram
of sugar per dose
RestoraFIBRE Icon Natural
Contains naturally
sourced inulin
RestoraFIBRE Icon Regularity
Promotes regularity
& helps provide gentle relief
from constipation
Six great-tasting
fruit flavours per bottle.
Delicious source
of prebiotic fibre in a chewable gummy form.
Two gummies taken twice daily
provide 8 grams of fibreĀ 
to help support regularity.
Perfect for
those busy days.