Purity-IQ Chemical Fingerprint

Innovative Science Delivering Brand Trust


Our Mission is to work with brands to bring authenticated products to consumers by developing standards founded on innovative science.

What We Do

Purity-IQ Inc. is a global organization founded on cutting edge genetic, chemical and metabolomic biotechnologies.  We deliver ingredient authentication and validation services to provide product transparency for brands and their consumers.

Research and Development

Purity-IQ is founded on scientific research and innovation through its affiliation with the Natural Health Products (NHP) Research Alliance at the University of Guelph.

Access the maturing medical cannabis market by creating your “Purity-IQ Cannabis Fingerprint”

  • Prepare your business for changing regulatory and voluntary cannabis standards
  • Differentiate your product and brand
  • Sustain competitive advantage
  • Conduct business with major brand owner and retailers
  • Build trust & brand loyalty with customers and consumers

Why Register?

  • Establish Your Own Intellectual Property
  • Access New Business with Major Brands and Retailers
  • Build Brand Trust & Loyalty



Master Registration

Meet the requirements for Medical Cannabis by confidentially registering your Purity-IQ Cannabis Fingerprint as a cultivar in the Canadian Cannabis Registry.

Kit Overview


LP Registration

This is where we put an overview of the LP registration process.

ie: Step 1 – Each LP must first register…..If complete move to step 2

Step 2 –