The Connected Brand Experience

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We believe there is so much more to say. TapScan is the stage for brands to deliver value through disruption.

Consumer Engagement with Dynamic Content

  • Brand Engagement
  • Product Benefits & Features
  • Social Media
  • Display Compliance
  • Promotion

Connecting with Brands

Connected Experiences by:

  • Location
  • Time of Day

To Deliver:

  • Targeted Activation
  • Customized Brand Experiences
  • Data Analytics

Geo-Locational Messaging

The SAME tag used across multiple retail stores prompts a unique experience for each location.

ie: Every Costco location can individually welcome a customer to their specific store.

Users with language preference will receive experience in their specified language (ie: English, French)

Time Based Messaging

The SAME tag can be used to deliver a unique experience based on the time of day.

If you could create customized content by time of day, day of the week…

How would you talk to your retailer or consumer?

Apply TapScan and Change your Message Every Week!

Same Tag to deliver New Product Experiences

In Store POSM Applications

TapScan technology can be applied to any in store merchandising to create an opportunity to digitally connect with a unique branded experience.

The Connected Experience Delivers Value!

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