The Purity-IQ Trustmark is a symbol that verifies the highest standards of product integrity.

We offer a certification program called the Purity-IQ Certified Authentic Program. It comes with a Trustmark that can be used on product labels and communicates product authenticity.

When your products bear the Purity-IQ Trustmark, it is an opportunity to differentiate products in a crowded and competitive marketplace, by showing customers you have invested in one of the most rigorous authentication programs available.

Our Trustmark

The Purity-IQ Trustmark is a 3rd party certification that can be printed on the product label. It demonstrates that a manufacturer or distributor went one step beyond the regulatory requirements to provide their best assurance of quality. Our Trustmark tells your customer that Purity-IQ has verified that the ingredients on the label match what is in the package.

Trustmark Use

Participation in the program requires successful testing and validation of the stated ingredients, and greater than 90% consistency from batch-to-batch. Once products are successful in obtaining certification, The Purity-IQ Trustmark program is licensed through an agreement.