TapScan - "A Year in Review"

Drug Channel Shopper Activation

TapScan enabled POS invited shoppers to engage through a touchless demo to deliver additional product information for more tech heavy products. 

Operational Insights

The Darty Compliance Achievement

Internal reps were sent communications with instructions to ‘Tap/Scan’ the displays to activate once set up in store. Not only did we have increased engagements, but we received confirmation of which stores had live executed displays. Within the first 5 days of the program rollout, 66% of Darty stores had complied.

Shopper Insights

The TapScan tool delivered a direct link for shoppers based on the type of display and the country of engagement.

Location & Language

Insights below are taken from the top 5 countries and languages engaged.


Shared Location


of Total Engagements


Shared Location


of Total Engagements


Shared Location


of Total Engagements


Shared Location


of Total Engagements


Shared Location


of Total Engagements

Location & Language

As per the statistics below, the majority of the engagements were across a specific set of campaigns.

Top 5 Campaigns = 89% of Total Engagements

Darty Campaigns = 30% of Total Engagements

Boots Campaign14% of Total Engagements

Executive Summary

The Market

The rise of RETAIL MEDIA, initially framed as an extension of performance media vehicles, is also proving to offer brands a full-funnel solution – all with unrivaled measurement and attribution capabilities.

Already, 74 percent of brands say they have dedicated budgets for retail media networks and these networks now rank fifth in terms of budget allocation, behind digital video, paid social, digital display and paid search.

Brands see retail data as effective in both building brands and driving conversions: 39 percent of those marketers surveyed said they use it to drive brand equity scores, while 44 percent said they now use retail data to track sales growth.

Modern retail consumers still value the in-store experience though much attention has been given to the rapid acceleration of e-comm driven by the pandemic, consumers are still vacillating between digital and real-world shopping.


Brands Report they are very or extremely satisfied with the retail media network they use.

“You can see a world where you’re no longer making choices based on publisher inventory, but instead leveraging data to target customers and measure campaigns that actually drive sales                              

Mic Zavarella, VP Marketing and ecommerce Sales,    PepsiCo”


Of consumers have at least one digital account with a retailer.

“Every digital point of contact with our consumer is a commerce opportunity. As consumer behavior changes, we want to meet our shoppers’ needs with innovative marketing and easy ways to get their favorite products delivered to their home in a matter of minutes.” 

Jackie Guarini (Nothacker), Head of Commerce Media, US Portfolio, Anheuser-Busch]”

Source: Future-of-Retail-Report-Nov2021(TheTradeDesk)