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Command Your Kitchen

Delta VoiceIQ Technology pairs with your connected home device to give you exactly the amount of water you need with features like metered dispensing and custom container commands.


VoiceIQ Technology is compatible with any Delta Touch2O® faucet manufactured after 01/01/2018.


What do I need to set up and use VoiceIQ™ Technology?

To use VoiceIQ™ Technology, you’ll need:

  • A Delta Touch2O® Faucet manufactured after 01/01/2018
  • A VoiceIQ™ Module
  • An Amazon® Alexa®- or Google® Assistant-enabled device
  • Home Wi-Fi
  • A power outlet under the sink which is not connected to a switch (such as your garbage disposal switch).
  • A Wi-Fi connected device, such as a smartphone or tablet, for setup

Can I use voice commands as well as Touch2O® Technology to activate my faucet?

Yes. You can turn your faucet on and off using the voice commands “Ask Delta to turn on” and “Ask Delta to turn off” as well as using your custom container commands or metered dispensing commands. You can also touch the faucet anywhere on the spout or handle to start and stop the flow of water. Finally, you can manually turn the water on and off using the faucet handle. You can use each of these together as well, for example using a voice command to turn the water on and touching the faucet to turn it off.

What units of measurement does VoiceIQ™ Technology understand?